Instant Messaging & Favorites

Favorites Profile - Roommate Filter

Communicate quickly and easily with prospective roommates using our messaging and favorites utility.

Simply hover over the users icon and click save to sadd them to your favorites list. Once you save a profile, it will show up in your favorites list.

Once you click on your favorites from the main menu, you will be able to view all the roommates you have found in your search.

Simply click to remove unwanted favorites from your list at any time. Customize your notifications and receive email alerts when you have been messaged.

Favorites Menu - Roommate Filter

Messaging - Roommate Filter

Messages show up in chronological order and are easy to read. Easily keep track of multiple conversations with the user friendly menus.

Roommate Filter makes it easy to find roommates online for free! Be sure to check out our blog for other tips and tricks to renting out your place, getting top dollar out of your rental and more!