7 Benefits of Having a Roommate

Pros of having roommate

Having a roommate is give and take.  You love that they are your buddies and hang out with you all the time, but the clinking of that damn spoon as they eat cereal at 6am or the shouting matches with their ex in that Brooklyn accent sometimes get a little old.  Hopefully, the good outweighs the bad.  Here’s our list of the positives of having a roommate:

Your friends are always around

There’s nothing like walking in the front door when you’re feeling down and seeing your roommates already playing beer pong, shouting because they needed a fourth person and are so excited you’re home.  Regardless of what you do with your roomies, it’s nice not having to drive to see your buds every time.

Sharing responsibilities/bills

Splitting those utility/cable bills make it a lot easier to afford HBO for game of thrones because let’s be honest, it’s annoying to have to bit torrent everything.  Furthermore, one Netflix account is all you really need for a household, so save your change and buy the other dinner once a month instead.

Watching Sports, playing video games

Why bother driving to the sports bar and paying a huge markup?  Make some frozen food watch the game with your roommates right at home.

You don’t have to drink alone!

Ok, first off let’s take away the stigma of drinking alone, many good songs and books were conceived by artists getting drunk solo.  Plus, if you are on the phone or voice chat with your friends, it’s not technically being alone right?  Regardless, it is generally more fun to have companions to cheers with.  Stock up on drinking buddies and save on your rent at the same time.  If you want to double down on the debauchery get a kegerator and cut your beer prices to about $.45 a beer.  Even better, brew your own beer and throw it in there.

Save on furniture

Depending on how old you are, you most likely have some decent furniture you can contribute to the common areas.  Pooling together with your roommates can save you a bunch of money.

Rent a pet

Don’t want the responsibility of owning a pet?  Get a roommate with one and you can get all the benefits without the vet bills.

Motivation or commiseration is only a door away

If you just stubbed your toe and really need someone to put a choo choo train bandaid on it, there’s nothing like having a roommate to help you out.  Also, if you are rocking pajamas for the third day in a row and can’t get over your ex, it’s helpful having a friend a door away to call you out on it.

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