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It’s no secret that kids get into absolutely everything they can reach.  Even if your roommate is the one with the bundles of joy that you sometimes want to throw in the closet and forget about (just kidding?), it’s important to know how to keep them safe, and to prevent your stuff from getting damaged also!  Here are some suggestions:

1: Outlet covers

These come cheap, and I agree are annoying, but can save a life.  If you have the special kind of plugs that have built in protection inside, you are safer, but kids can still jam something in there.

2: Cabinet Locks

This is an absolute must in our house.  If the locks are off anything for 30 seconds or more, my 2 year old will have taken out the entire contents of the cabinet and have it strewn all over the kitchen floor.  They are also annoying to use, but it’s less annoying than having to wash all your dishes over again constantly.

3: Put a tablecloth on your coffee table

Odds are that the coffee table is going to magically transform into a combination of a mini race track, play-doh kitchen, and building block workbench.  The table is going to get beat up.  If it’s a nice one, consider throwing a table cloth on there to keep it going longer.

4: Anything sharp or containing chemicals goes up high, or locked away

This is obvious, but also consider your yard tools, spare paint cans, clippers, saws, etc.  The garage can’t always be off limits.  The kids will get in there eventually.  Locking cabinets are very helpful for the garage, and aren’t too expensive.  You can always ghetto rig a lock.  I drilled a small hole into my towel cabinet, then took a twisty tie and tied a couple knots at one end.  Thread it through, then twist around the handle on the cabinet.  It’s strong enough to deter kids from getting in there.

5: Everything belongs above 48”

Before long, your kids will be opening doors, hitting the light switches, and pulling down basically everything they can reach off the counter.  This regrettably applies to wall art as well.  If you have any tall pictures or standalone vases, they sadly should be put away.  Kids will smack them right off the wall, knock them down, whatever.  If you really love the piece, put it in your man cave, or save it for awhile until they are older.

Kids can be a blessing.  So can having a roommate!  If you are looking to find a roommate, or have a room to rent, our free website can be there for you.  Check us out at!

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