Breaking up with your Roommate

Breaking Up with your Roommate


Living in a toxic environment can be very stressful, and takes a serious toll on your mental and physical well being.  If you and your roommate are not jiving the way you used to, or if you just live with whoever could pay rent, it may be time to move on.  Here are a few things to consider before making the big decision.

Is it a long term or short term issue?

Everyone has their differences, and no matter who it is, you will eventually get annoyed with anyone over something.  The most important question is how often does the unwanted behavior occur, and is it going to stop, continue at the current pace, or increase.

If your roommate is a pig who always leaves dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, and smells like a rotting dead animal because they have a cultist aversion to showering, that’s the kind of ingrained behavior that you have little to no hope of changing.

If, however your roomie pissed you off because he had a loud party and you had to work, that’s a different story.  The party was a one time event (unless it wasn’t) and you can have a discussion about it afterwards, and plan more appropriate times/days for entertaining.  There’s also the chance that your roommate is a total dick and will continue partying at odd hours anyways.  I’m which case, it’s time to find a new living arrangement.

Changing your living arrangement is a lot of work.  It’s usually preferable to try and make it work out, however be careful.  You don’t want to stay in a shitty living condition just because you are too lazy or scared to move out.  Get some advice from your friends about it, and be firm in your decision!

Finding a new roommate and/or place to live can be difficult if you don’t know where to look.  Thankfully, there is RoommateFilter to help you out!  It’s a totally free website that helps connect like-minded people together.  Check out the site, and take the random out of roommates!


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