Creating a Focal Point in Your Home

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The focal point applies basically to every room in your house, although you may not realize it.  In your bedroom it’s usually your bed and night stands, but it doesn’t have to be.  It could be a painting above the bed, or even an accent wall.  The focus in a room tends to be on the brightest/lightest colored object.  An accent wall can also break up the room and draw your attention immediately.  Here are six suggestions to help get you focused on the right thing!


As I mentioned earlier, your focus tends to be on the lightest colored object, however not always, such as an accent wall.  Also try painting a door, trim, or even your furniture a different color to try and create your focal point.


Wallpaper is an easy way to use patterns for a focal point.  This can be an accent wall, or even on the ceiling, drawing your eyes upwards to make the room feel bigger.  You can also use patterned furniture or a rug to be your focal point.


Having a beautiful painting or mirror on the wall is an easy way to create a focal point.  Remember the rule of keeping things around 56” high.


Having a varied texture in the room can add a lot of depth and interest.  To create a focal point with texture, it doesn’t necessarily need to be shiny, it just needs to be different.  A flat painted wall with a stone or brick accent wall will definitely become the focus, even though it’s not shiny.That being said, if you do have shiny textures in the room that does usually become the focal point, such as a polished tile for a kitchen backsplash.

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This one is more obvious than the rest.  If you have a gorgeous window opening to the beach or the mountains, that is a great focal point.  The thing to remember here is to emphasize that view.  Keep your furniture minimalistic near the window and don’t clutter it up with drapes!

Room Features

This refers to permanent structures ,such as fireplaces, pillars, things that you can’t easily change or modify.  You can always emphasize these structures to make them more of a focus, such as with a stone overlay.

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