How to Make a Pallet Planter Box

Pallet planter box

There are hundreds of projects you can do to use up pallets.  I happen to live in a neighborhood with dozens of them being thrown out weekly.  I’ve been planting a lot of veggies in cups in the kitchen, and decided to make a planter box instead.  The plan is to screw it to the wall eventually if the wife doesn’t put up curtains instead.

The box is very simple to make.  I ended up taking off every other board from the pallet just because it was easier to get leverage with the hammer this way.  I didn’t remove the nails because that would have left a hole for the dirt to get out.  You could try to putty it up I suppose, but I just smash the nails downward.

I cut 3 pieces to 20” lengths.  They are all the same width, so no need to make any cuts that way.  One board serves as the bottom, the other two the sides.  Once you have the pieces cut, drill pilot holes from the side of the vertical board into the base, then put a nail or a screw in there to hold.  I used 6 nails per side.

Once you have the bottom, front ,and back pieces, it’s time to put on the ends.  I didn’t use a set measurement here, I just eyeballed it with a pencil and made the cuts.  It’s pretty simple since as I mentioned earlier, you don’t need to make any cuts on the width side. I am using a mitre saw, but you can get this done with a table saw, even a hack saw if you don’t have power tools.  There are only 5 cuts, don’t be discouraged!


If you want to mount it to the wall, I would recommend finding the studs first and then marking the planter box where they are located.  Generally studs are 16” apart, so you should be able to get two on there.  If not, two 20lb wall anchors should be fine.  Drill pilot holes like last time, use a ladder, and get a somewhat downward angle to drill your two stud screws in.  Use atleast a 2” screw.  A washer will help to keep the planter secure also.

Projects like these are a great way to spruce up the house, and it’s always easier with a second pair of hands to help you.  As always, if you need help finding a roommate to be there for you on projects like these, check out our website at!

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