Modern Trends – Splitting Rent with a Roommate

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When you combine the surge in rental prices with near flat wage growth, it’s no surprise that more Americans are splitting their place with a roommate than ever.  Having a roommate is no longer just a part of college.  In fact, it’s quite normal for the majority of Americans under 30 to be unmarried and likely living with a roommate than not.  According to The Spruce, 20% of 18- to 29-year-olds were married in 2010, compared with 59% in 1960.  In just 10 years, the median age of married adults has gone up 3 years.

When finding a roommate, it’s obvious to live with your friends if they are available.  That unfortunately isn’t always an option for a multitude of reasons: your rental times may not line up, you work in different parts of town, have opposite schedules etc.

The question remains, where can you find a roommate?  Craigslist is an option, but I think we all have had a shady experience or two on there.  Sure, it’s great for selling someone your old furniture or exercise equipment, but do you really want to shack up with someone there?  Facebook is a decent option, however what if someone you know but don’t like that much responds to you?  How do you go about saying no at that point?  Sounds pretty awkward…

The solution is  It’s a 100% free website designed to pair likeminded roommates together based on interests, location, availability, and more.  Most sites up now have an up-front fee, or let you sign up but then charge you to message others.  Roommate Filter is totally free, no exceptions.  We have had a bad roommate experience or two ourselves and understand your pain!  Give the site a try and take the random out of roommates!

We are planning to launch late 2017, please stay tuned.  Sign up for email alerts when we launch at!

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