Moving on the Cheap


The moving process can be somewhat painless, or a huge and stressful thing you are dreading, hovering like a black cloud overhead and raining misery for weeks or even months.  Here are a few ideas that might help make the process less vile and suffocating.

Consider selling what you don’t use.  Moving stuff around you aren’t ever going to use sucks.  Clark Howard has a list of 39 ways to declutter and sell items here:

Consider Minimalism.  It’s obvious that if you have minimal stuff, moving is easy.  Minimalism is a very interesting concept, living by just what you need and rejecting materialism.  Here is an interesting link:

Free boxes!  Craigslist has a free section, there are often boxes being given away there.  Freecycle is another option.  Grocery and liquir stores are constantly throwing away boxes that will work for the occasion.

Spring for the truck.  Packing your Geo Metro with 30 boxes and all your clothes in a giant heap is going to take way too many trips.  Do yourself a favor and rent a moving truck.  They are really not that expensive.   Try comparing them online here.

If friends, family, and roommates are scarce to help with moving, try a few of these resources:

Use Social Media. Put up a post a week or two ahead of your move and ask friends to pitch in.  Free food and drinks help!!

Ask Church and other social groups for help. Ask your church, soccer team, rotary club, etc.  Many hands make light work.

Buy a pizza and some beers.  Pending you are old enough to drink, and not driving a moving truck, having beers makes moving much more fun and appealing for your friends.  Pizza is of course amazing all the time, so there’s that.

Barter.   Trade dog/baby sitting, cooking dinner for your friends, helping them move, anything you can do to not be packing and moving everything you have by yourself.

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