Rad Things to do with your Roommate


One of the best parts about having a roommate is that you have a friend who is always nearby.  Since your buddy is always there, why not capitalize on it and do some awesome things together?  This list is of course biased and includes some of my favorites!


Granted this is not for everyone, but if you haven’t tried it, it’s awesome and very safe.  If you want to come down in that flying squirrel suit, you’ll need a lot of jumps under your belt.  It’s a lot more fun with a buddy there to compete against.


Who wants to play paintball by themselves?  For me, this is all about strategizing together and pretending to be in swat team.  Flank left!!! Head down!  Yeah I’m a nerd I know.

Video Games

Ill admit I have turned into a PC gamer lately, but teaming up on console or harassing each other the whole time is so much fun.  Fighting games like Mortal Kombat also just aren’t the same by yourself.  Some favorites for groups are Fifa, Halo Series, and Soul Calibur.

Bar trips

Who wants to sit at the bar by themselves?  Granted you don’t need a roommate to achieve this, but wouldn’t it be nice to just decide on a whim and walk over together?  Yes, the answer is yes.


This depends a lot on where you live.  In FL you don’t want to be camping in the summer heat with bugs all about. In winter months though it’s the jam.  Anyways, camping is best done w friends.  How else are you going to finish the keg?

Day drinking/brunch

Brunch is perhaps my favorite weekend tradition; albeit I now instead go to breakfast at 8am instead of noon, and drink coffee instead of bloody Mary’s.  Could have something to do with the two toddlers waking me up early.  Maybe.


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