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Trying to find a roommate is hard.  Or, at least it used to be.  Gone are the days where you need to brave the classifieds or settle for someone you have never spoken to before.  Roommate Filter is a 100% FREE online matching service servicing only the US, and specializes in matching together like minded people.  If you have ever had a truly bad fit for a roommate, you will understand the beauty of getting to vet people out before you live with them.  If you haven’t, save yourself a headache and take the random out of roommates!

Smart Matching

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Our idea with Roommate Filter is to not only sort by price and location, but by age, preferences, hobbies, you name it.  Wouldn’t it be cool to find a roommate who is super into kayaking?  Or competitive scrabble?  Bodybuilding contests?  Whatever it is, you are not alone.  Check out our site and find not just a roommate, but a friend.  Oh yeah, and it’s free.

On top of basic information and room descriptions, users have the option to answer over 20 detailed questions about themselves.  The more that you know about a person, the more information you have to decide whether you will be compatible roommates with them or not.  Answers range from preferences on partying, cooking, entertaining and more.

Smart Icons


Instead of having to select each individual users profile page to see if they are a fit, we added smart icons to the search results to save you time.  This way you get most of the basic info that you need without having to click the detail page!  If someone has pets and that’s a no go for you, just skip on to the next page without wasting your time.


Cross Street Mapping


Isn’t it annoying when you can only search by city?  Think of Jacksonville, FL.  It’s one of the largest and most spread out city in the US.     If you are searching by Jacksonville as the only description, you could be over an hour away from where you want to live.  For this reason, we made a detailed pushpin map where you can visually see all results.  People who have a room can list the cross street of their location, and give you a very specific area where they live, without giving away their address to people they don’t know.

Instant Messaging and Favorites

Instant Messaging

Once you find that person who you are interested in, you can easily make them a favorite and send them an instant message.  This way you can avoid giving out your personal information, and quickly communicate with each other.  Notifications of the instant message are sent to your email also if you forget.  Customizing your notifications is easy as well if you prefer less emails.

Coming Soon!!!

If you are looking to find a roommate for your place, or if you need to find a house to rent, this site makes it easy for you.   We are estimating that our release date will be March 2017.  Thanks for being patient while we make sure everything is ready.  We are also continuously seeking to improve and personalize the service as well, so please let us know if you have any recommendations or feature requests!  Please check the site out and spread the word, and take the random out of roommates!

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