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We are pleased to announce that after 4 years in the making Roommate Filter is now live!!  Thanks to everyone who has helped us test and support the site thus far.  Please take a look at this FAQ to learn more about the site.

What is Roommate Filter?

Roommate Filter is a 100% free site for people to connect with one another and find a roommate that they have something in common with.  Users can create a profile, pick their interests, hobbies, and schedules, cross street on the map, and find likeminded roomies!

What are some of the features?

-Location Mapping – Quickly see where the rooms available are so you don’t have to waste time asking everyone

-Instant Messaging – No need to use your cell phone for asking questions about a room or a roommate

-Favorites – Bookmark your top picks for roommates

-Detailed Questionnaires – Fill out all your interests and hobbies so you can meet someone you get along well with

-Smart Icons – See what people are into at a glance.  The hobbies and interests picked display on profile tabs from the search menu

-Roommate Matching Algorithm – Once the user base is full enough per area, we will enable filtering based on additional preferences

Is this for people who need a place only?

There are both “have a room” and “need a room” options.  If you have a room to fill, or if you need somewhere to live, both are available.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no options for payment of any kind on the website.

I’m not seeing any other users in my area.  Did I do something wrong?

The site has just launched so please bear with us as we build a user base.  There will definitely be pockets without users for a little while as we ramp up.  Keep checking back if this applies to you!

Have additional questions or feedback?  Email us at  Please share with your friends and family!


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