Traveling with your Roommate

Traveling with Friends

If you have a roomie and get along well enough, you also have a travel buddy to go on trips with.  Understandably you can travel with just about any friend, but here are a few reasons that having a roommate can make your vacations more fun and frequent.

Impromptu Weekend Trips

Did your team just make the playoffs 200 miles away?  Are cruises on sale for $100 for a weekend?  Most of your friends may already have plans, but if you live together, chances are you have similar schedules.

Pet Watching

Say you are taking me up on one of the aforementioned impromptu trips, but without your roommate.  As long as they are home on the weekend you don’t have to pay and board your pets, or hire a sitter.  Saving the cash is nice, but more importantly it’s not having to deal with the hassle of organizing it and worrying about it.

Parking Savings

Seems like most airports are now charging $20 a day to park off site.  See if your roomie can do you a solid and drop you off and pick you up.  Make sure to repay the favor when they need a ride!

Less Worry About Leaving the House

Did I turn off the coffee pot?  What about the air conditioning?  Were all the windows closed?  Everyone has a checklist of things that need to happen when you are away for more than a day or two.  If someone is back at home keeping an eye on things, you can travel with more peace of mind.  Criminals are also deterred by having that presence in the home while you’re away.

If you are looking for a roommate to move in to your place, or if you are interested in moving in somewhere new, check out Roommate Filter.  It’s a free website designed to pair like-minded people together.  We take the random out of roommates!

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